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Start-Up the Economy

In Springfield, Mo will return focus to the bread-and-butter issues that will prepare our economy for the new jobs of the 21st century. 

Mo on the Issues

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Technology & Education

Mo understands that the world is changing faster than our schools are adapting, and knows that we need to become more forward thinking and flexible when it comes to school and curriculum reform.

Mo on the Issues

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Good Government

Mo doesn't believe we can afford more "business as usual" in Springfield. No more short-term solutions that don't make long-term sense.

Mo on the Issues

Featured Endorsement - Chicago Tribune


    Here is the endorsement, from the Chicago Tribune Newspaper October 22, 2014:

    "20th District: Rep. Michael McAuliffe has represented this northwest suburban district since 1996. The only Republican with a piece of Chicago in his district, McAuliffe has been a moderate voice within the party. But he's gotten too comfortable in Springfield. The majority of his bills form task forces or congratulate constituents. Those are the easy ones. Democrat Mo Khan of Park Ridge is a law student who is thoughtful on policy and would bring a fresh perspective. Khan would roll back the income tax and cut spending by promoting more public-private partnerships in state government. Khan is endorsed."

    Read all endorsements for the Illinois House on the Tribube's website here: Chicago Tribune - Endorsements for the Illinois House

"Our future is taking shape. Let's work together for a more prosperous Illinois."

 Please consider a small donation to help us order a few more lawn signs and spread our message throughout the 20th District.

More Endorsements For Mo Khan

  • Endorsed by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

    Gov. McAuliffe was the chairman of Secretary Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Campaign when I was a travelling aide to the Secretary -- he's not only a dear friend and a mentor, but he's also a role model. He focused his gubernatorial campaign on the mantra "putting jobs first." And that is something I care deeply about. We must invest in our students today to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

    Only by focusing on the economy, encouraging educational innovation and supporting entrepreneurship can we make sure that our students are well prepared for the increasingly competitive global job market.

    As another great Governor of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson said, "If there is something wrong, those with the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action."

    Together, WE have the ABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY to give Illinois a brighter future!

    Your support has meant the world to me and so I ask you, once again, with only a month left until the election: stand with me...stand with Gov. McAuliffe...STAND WITH US!

    Your Friend,


  • Endorsed By Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

    Congresswoman Impressed by Khan’s Vision and Commitment

    Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky today endorsed Mo Khan’s bid for Illinois State Representative, saying he is the best choice to represent Illinois’ 20th district. 

    “I’m proud to support Mo Khan’s candidacy for State Representative. Mo will bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas to Springfield, and will stand in line with the Democratic values of the district,” Congresswoman Schakowsky said.

    Khan is challenging incumbent Michael McAuliffe for the 20th District seat. “This campaign is about the future of Illinois and ensuring that our citizens are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy. We’ve got to change things now if we want to be ready for tomorrow,” Khan states. "It's about jobs. I'm running for one reason, to make the creation and retention of good paying jobs the state's top priority."

    Khan is receiving strong support from various groups, including: AFSCME Council 31, Citizen Action Illinois, Planned Parenthood IL, Personal Pac, Maine Township Regular Democratic Organization, and Asian American Action Fund - Greater Chicago.

    After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in Accounting, Khan served as a Traveling Aide to Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. He traveled the country with Clinton, meeting Americans from every walk of life and learning directly from one of the nation's greatest leaders. Khan next went onto serve as Special Assistant to then-Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias during the 2010 US Senate race.

    Khan is a native of Park Ridge and a 2003 graduate of Maine South High School. In addition to running for State Representative, he is currently pursuing a Law degree from the Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

    Original Article: http://parkridge.patch.com/groups/announcements/p/schakowsky-endorses-mo-khan-for-illinois-state-representative


  • Endorsed By United States Senator Tom Harkin (D)

    Senator Tom Harkin (D- Iowa), the Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, visited Park Ridge on Sunday to endorse Mo Khan’s campaign for State Representative from Illinois’ 20th House District. 

    Senator Harkin, a member of Congress for nearly 40 years, met with campaign volunteers and staff at Mo Khan’s campaign office in the heart of “Uptown” Park Ridge. The Senator and Candidate Khan also met with residents of the 20th district. Along the way, they paid a visit to Rodham Corner (the corner of Elm Street and Wisner Street in Park Ridge) – the location of Former First Lady and Former United States Senator Hillary Clinton’s childhood home.

    “Senator Harkin is an American Hero,” Khan says. “To have him come out and visit our district and endorse our campaign is an unbelievable honor – I hope to follow in his footsteps and make a difference in the lives of working men and women.”

    Khan, a former Traveling Aide to Hillary Clinton, is challenging incumbent Michael McAuliffe for the 20th District seat. 

    "My campaign is about jobs,” Khan explains. “It’s about the future of the men and women of Illinois – it’s about ensuring that our citizens are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy.”

    Senator Harkin’s endorsement adds to the growing list of elected officials and organizations that are supporting Khan’s candidacy. The list includes: Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, The Illinois Federation of Teachers, Personal Pac, Planned Parenthood IL, AFSCME Council 31, Citizen Action Illinois, Asian American Action Fund - Greater Chicago, The Illinois Observer and Maine Township Regular Democratic Organization.

    “I’m honored to have received these endorsements, because, together, I believe we can create a brighter future for Illinois,” Khan states.

    Mo Khan is a 2003 graduate of Maine South High School, received an Accounting degree from the University of Iowa in 2007 and is in the process of earning a Law degree from the Loyola University Chicago School of Law. He has previously served as a Traveling Aide to Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Presidential Campaign and as Special Assistant to Alexi Giannoulias during the 2010 U.S. Senate Campaign.

    Original Article: http://parkridge.patch.com/groups/announcements/p/senator-tom-harkin-visits-park-ridge-endorses-mo-khan-for-state-representative




    Equality Illinois was founded in 1991 as the Illinois Federation for Human Rights to secure, protect and defend the basic civil rights of gay,lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Illinoisans.



    PEOPLE delegates endorse for March 18 primaries

    With working families and labor unions under assault from multiple directions, it remains critically important for union members to stand by candidates who will stand with them.


    The Illinois Federation of Teachers represents 103,000 teachers and paraprofessionals in PreK-12 school districts throughout Illinois, faculty and staff at Illinois’ community colleges and universities, public employees under every statewide elected constitutional officer, and retirees. The Chicago Teachers Union Local 1, is an affiliate of the IFT and the largest local teachers union in Illinois.


    Planned Parenthood of Illinois is the leader in providing and promoting compassionate, comprehensive reproductive health care, education, and rights. 



    Citizen Action/Illinois is the state's largest public interest organization. Building on over a decade of experience, Citizen Action/Illinois is a key player in the fight for social and economic justice at the state and national levels. 


    Maine Township Regular Democratic Organization

    The Maine Township Regular Democratic Organization has released its endorsements for the March 18, 2014 primary.


    Personal PAC is a bi-partisan political action committee dedicated to preserving abortion rights in Illinois by electing pro-choice candidates to state and local office. 



    In Illinois, Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) make up nearly five percent of the total population. Although there are several APAs in elective office on the local level in several cities surrounding the Chicago area, there still are no APA elected officials in the City of Chicago or on the State and Federal levels.